Which fruits are sour?


There are various fruits that can suit the tastes of someone who prefers sour flavors. Lemons and limes are the two most popular sour fruits and are often used to make soft drinks like Sierra Mist and Sprite. Grapefruit is another sour fruit as are raspberries, kiwis, and blackcurrants. The presence of increased acid makes a fruit taste sour, and some fruits have a combination of tastes, mixing both sweet and sour. One such fruit is the ever-popular apple.
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I would say lemon, very sour, although it depends which one you get, some taste sweet.
1. Purchase your sour cherry sapling from a nursery. Montmorency and Morello are the two predominant types of sour cherry, though you may find other varietals, depending on your area
Sour cherries are a very sour fruit that most people cannot tolerate to eat fresh. They
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Sour Fruit Trees
If you are a fan of baking pies and preserves, sour fruits are the perfect addition to your home landscape. Most sour fruits are citrus fruits that require consistently warm temperatures that do not drop below freezing. There are a few sour fruit trees... More »
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