Sources of Chemical Energy?


Chemical energy is a type of energy that is stored in compounds. Sources of energy includes oil, gas and food. Even the simplest food conversion within the body is a proof that chemical energy is produced because of the chemical reactions involved in order to metabolize our food.
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One of the most common forms of energy used today is gasoline. Gasoline is a source of chemical energy derived from fossils. It is most commonly used as fuel for automobiles, but
Oil, gas, and food are sources of chemical energy. The released energy
Chemical energy is the energy due to associations of atoms in molecules and various other kinds of aggregates of matter. Different bonds contain different amounts of energy. The chemical
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Chemical energy is created by a chemical reaction or is absorbed. There are three main sources of chemical energy. Fossil fuels, like oil, have their chemical ...
When there is an energy that is stored in compounds and when the energy is released or absorbed is when we say it is chemical energy. Some sources of chemical ...
Chemical energy is energy that is a result of chemicals reacting to each other or to some action. This is actually the most common kind of energy and people use ...
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