Sources of Chemical Energy?


Chemical energy is a type of energy that is stored in compounds. Sources of energy includes oil, gas and food. Even the simplest food conversion within the body is a proof that chemical energy is produced because of the chemical reactions involved in order to metabolize our food.
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One of the most common forms of energy used today is gasoline. Gasoline is a source of chemical energy derived from fossils. It is most commonly used as fuel for automobiles, but
Oil, gas, and food are sources of chemical energy. The released energy
In scientific terms, the chemical potential energy is the potential energy that is contained and stored in the chemical bonds within the compound.
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Well, there is no chemical reaction happening, the water is simply moving. It's definitely not nuclear either. The answer is simply mechanical energy. ...
Chemical reactions that need a source of energy to occur absorb energy. It is like a cold pack. When you break the bag, the two chemicals combine and absorb the ...
Energy source refers to the basic area from which one gets power that is then turned to electricity, usually through chemical or mechanical means. There are a ...
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