Southern Baptist Beliefs?


A southern Baptists believes that all scripture is true and was written by man that were divinely inspired by God. Another belief is that there is only one God. The one God is the the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. They also believe that God made man in his own image and all men and women are deserving of Gods love.
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The Southern Baptist Church as a whole adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message, as other baptist churches do, with an emphasis on the significance of an individual conversion experience, immersion baptism, and the rejection of infant baptism. The Southern Baptist is Christian Evangelical in doctrine and practice.
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Let me recommend a book called "What Baptists Believe" by a Baptist Minister from the 1950-1960's Herschel Hobbs. In brief baptists believe that salvation is available and
They believe the Bible is to be taken literally only, that there is only one God,
Southern Baptists believe in the Bible being the supreme authority. They also believe in Baptism, salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, Communion, and in heaven and hell.
There are many differences between Southern Baptist and Catholic. Some are: Yes, we believe in saints. However, the Bible is pretty clear that anyone who has repented of sin and accepted
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The Southern Baptist Doctrine is basically a list of beliefs or a description of beliefs that are attributed to the Southern Baptist Church. Most of these beliefs ...
Southern Baptists denomination of Christianity as is based in the United States. Baptism is practiced in Southern Baptist faith and is part of the belief that ...
The beliefs of the Baptist Church are that Jesus Christ is the savior. The teachings state that in order to be saved one must accept Jesus as their savior. ...
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