What are some Spanish adjectives that begin with the letter "Y"?


Some examples of Spanish adjectives beginning with Y are yodado (iodized), yermo (deserted), yerto (stiff), yambico (iambic), yodhidrico (hydriodic), ye-ye (trendy), yacente (reclining), and yanqui (Yankee). A Spanish adjective agrees in gender and number with the noun it modifies. An adjective in the Spanish language typically ends in 'o' for the masculine form, and 'a' for the feminine form. Some adjectives that end in a consonant take the same form for both masculine and feminine.
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Many Spanish words that sound like they begin with "y" actually begin with "ll" which is pronounced like the English y. For instance, the adjective "llamado
There aren't many adjectives beginning with Y in Spanish. A few ones could be: Yermo - Uninhabited (also wilderness) Yerto - Stiff, rigid. Yódico - Iodic. Yoista - Self-centered
Yapping, yawning, yiddish, year-long, yearly, yearning, young, yours,
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