Spanish Cookies?


There are many different types of Spanish cookies. Each country has their particular cookies that they make. Some of the best cookies from all Spanish speaking countries are nevados, mantecados, perrunillas, Saints Bones, ring cookies, Spanish Christmas cookies, polvorones, Spanish wine cookies, crispy polvorones, pestiños, murcian almond cookie, palmiers, Spanish fried cakes with honey. The recipes can be found online for these cookies at sites such as,,, and Food Network's official website.
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The English word cookie (noun) can be translated into Spanish in the
"Cookie" in Spanish is "galleta." We like choocolate chip and Snickerdoodle galletas, how about you?
If by cookie sheets you mean the "tray" where the cookies are gonna be baked, you should say: Engrasa la charola donde colocaras las galletas. OR. Engrasar la charola donde
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The Spanish cookie history is....YOUR MOM!!! The Spanish cookie history is....YOUR MOM!!! oh wow...that is such a funny reponse its crazy how hard im laughing. ...
Spanish almond cookies are a delicious treat. They are made with olive oil and are a Spanish Christmas treat. To make you add 4 1/2 cups of all purpose flour to ...
To say 'where are my cookies' in Spanish you would say 'donde estan mis galletas.' If you have to ask where your cookies are, they have probably been eaten. ...
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