How to Plan a Spanish Funeral?


There are many Spanish songs that could be appropriate for a funeral. One choice for a Spanish funeral song is 'La Golondrina.' Another is 'Entre Tus Manos.'
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1. Contact the deceased's provider of burial insurance. If the deceased lacks burial insurance, speak to family members about setting a budget. 2. Contact the funeral director of
A Dirge. Or "taps" played on the bugle.kinda like trumpet)
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I like "La golondrina" Check-out the link below for a nice slow way of singing it. To distant climate, the swallow now is fleeting. For sharp’s the breath that warns
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To sing the song in Spanish you need to sing with same rythm, but the lyrics are the following: Feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos ...
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