Spanish Poems for Dad?


Whether you're looking for a way to say happy birthday or just let dad known how much he means to you, you'll find a collection of Spanish poems for dad by following this link.
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You can find Spanish poems for free at different websites online. There are specific sites for romance poems, Spanish poem blogs and many more to choose from. You can find more information
Describe the grace of an animal . Pick a noble animal and describe its grace. "La hermosa y delicada zancada del caballo..." (The delicate and graceful stride of the horse
"A Mi Padre" (To My Father) gives thanks for all a
El Cantar del Mio Cid, writed arround year 1140.
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You can write your own Spanish poem for your Dad. Think of what your Dad means to you and write it down. He will appreciate something that comes from the heart. If you have problems writing a poem, write him a letter instead. Tell him what he means to you and maybe mention the special times you've shared.
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