How to Put on a Spare Tire Cover?


Spare tire covers are often used on cars that carry the spare tire on the back of the car rather than inside of the trunk. The covers protect the spare tire from damage cause by weather.
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Things You'll Need. Spare tire. Tire cover. Instructions. Turn the tire cover right side out. The inside of the tire protector should have a tag or some other indication that it is
The most reliable and safe website that offers spare tire covers online would be Amazon. Currently Amazon has 1672 results for spare tire covers of which some of them offer free shipping
Ebay. Auto parts store.
You can buy a universal fit spare tire cover starting at around $16 +
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How To Put on a Spare Tire Cover
It is always a good idea to have a spare tire in case of emergency, but it will do you no good if the tire is in disrepair when you finally use it. Exposure to sunlight and other factors can leave your spare tire brittle and useless. Thankfully, you can... More »
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It is quite simple to put on a spare tire cover. It slips over the tire while it is laying flat. The tire cover protects the spare from being damaged or ruined.
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