Sparkle Paper Towels?


Sparkle is a brand of 2-ply paper towels with thirst pockets. They are available in white, and a variety of prints to match any home decor.
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100 percent virgin fibers. in the U.S there is a high-grade potion of recycled fiber.
According to the manufacturer, Georgia-Pacific, the majority of Sparkle paper towels are made of 100 percent virgin fiber. In some parts of the United States, Sparkle products may
The Sparkle Towels website says that they are made of 100% virgin fiber. Virgin fiber basically means that the towels are made directly from cutting down trees, opposed to recycled
Paper towels have only been used for less than 100 years. The name-brand Sparkle has been around much less than that. Some products change their name, also. My guess, without knowing
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