Specific Heat of Copper?


The specific heat of copper is 0.385 J/g OC. The explanation for the specific heat of copper is that 0.385 Joules of heat will raise the heat 1 gram of copper by 1 degree Celsius. The specific heat of iron is 0.450 J/G OC.
Q&A Related to "Specific Heat of Copper?"
The specific heat of copper is 0.093 cal/g(C°) or 390 J/kg(C°)
Copper heat always starts out at 100.00 degrees C. ChaCha On
Lead is known to have a very low specific heat unlike water whose specific heat is 4.184 J/g degrees C. The specific heat of lead is only a fraction of that at .16 J/g degrees C.
Q = mass x specific heat x delta T. 343 = 55.0 x specific heat ( 86.0 - 19.0 ) 343 = 3685 x specific heat. specific heat = 0.0931 cal /g°C.
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