Spectra Vision Insurance?


Spectra Vision Insurance is a vision insurance program that is offered by United Healthcare Services. This type of insurance is meant to help to cover the cost of routine eye examinations and the purchase of eyeglasses or contact lenses. The insurance is also available to help with eye surgeries including glaucoma or cataract surgeries. This kind of insurance does not generally cover vision corrective surgeries like Lasik. A list of frequently asked questions regarding the insurance is available on the MyUHC website.
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1. Obtain vision insurance through your employer. Many employers offer optional vision insurance plans for their employees. Since employers normally receive special group rates from
The primary insurance holder is obviously covered alongside their spouse and children too if they were included in the insurance plan.
I suggest getting a dental and vision plan separate to your. health. policy - the benefits are usually better. If you are in CA and would like to discuss, contact me.
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