What stimulates speech in children?


Stimulation of speech depends on the speech that an adult uses to address a child. The speech to a newborn should be soft and soothing so that it attracts the attention of the child. When speaking to an infant, ensure you maintain eye contact. A toddler learns through imitating and answering questions.
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"Stimulates" is a verb. It is the 2nd person singular, present tense. "He, she, it stimulates.
Speech and Language
When your child is about 10 months old he might begin imitating sounds that are made by others. It's called "echolalia." There's no need to be concerned about the name though
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What Stimulates Speech?
There are many things parents can do to stimulate speech and language starting when a child is a newborn. An infant begins making sounds after observing and listening to speakers around him. They learn receptive speech, understanding what is said to... More »
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