What stimulates speech in children?


Stimulation of speech depends on the speech that an adult uses to address a child. The speech to a newborn should be soft and soothing so that it attracts the attention of the child. When speaking to an infant, ensure you maintain eye contact. A toddler learns through imitating and answering questions.
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Speak to a newborn baby in a calm, soothing voice. He will turn to the sound and look for its source. Babies are most attentive when sounds are gentle and comforting. Hold a newborn
"Stimulates" is a verb. It is the 2nd person singular, present tense. "He, she, it stimulates.
Speech and Language
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What Stimulates Speech?
There are many things parents can do to stimulate speech and language starting when a child is a newborn. An infant begins making sounds after observing and listening to speakers around him. They learn receptive speech, understanding what is said to... More »
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