Spick and Span Glamour?


Spic and Span Glamour refers to girls in the vintage Spic and Span erotic magazine. You can still find this magazine online to be ordered, but it's rather expensive because it will come from people's personal collection and they can charge whatever price they want when selling it. You can find some pictures online in forums of the girls in the magazine. Although not considered shocking now a days, the poses were quite erotic back in the day.
Q&A Related to "Spick and Span Glamour?"
spick-and-span: conspicuously new; completely neat and clean
"Spick-and-span" means fresh, brand new, or spotlessly clean. It is short for
Short. Adventure. Comedy.
"S p i c -and-span" : first recorded in the English language during the 1660s, from "spick-and-span-new" (1570s) lit. "new as a recently made spike and chip
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