How do you spike curly hair?


To spike curly hair one must purchase hair gel that can hold the hair. One could purchase a bottle of gel specifically for spiking one's hair. Then put some gel in hand and run fingers through the hair pulling it straight up. Continue this process until it is complete.
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1. Dry your hair with a towel and blow-dryer after getting out of the shower. Use both to dry your hair into a spiked position. With the blow-dryer, use your fingers and a comb to
wet your hair and then straighten it. Then you have to use gel/mousse and use hairspray Source(s): my friend
To straighten curly hair you can use a flat iron. You can also use a blow dryer and round brush if you would like some volume. Doing this often will dry your hair out so you may want
Having experience with this hairstyle here's what I reckon you do: Ok firstly you gotta straighten your hair (preferably With a ceramic iron) Then wait about a day before you spike
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How to Spike Curly Hair
A fashion trend that emerged in the 1990s, spiked hair was an essential for boys and men from middle school to middle age. A difficult fashion statement for men or women with curly hair, those soft or sharp spikes can be attained with the right treatment... More »
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To liberty spike hair, look after your hair by not spiking it every day, treat your hair, and choose a shampoo for chemically treated, fine hair that offers the ...
To spike short hair on men, start by drying your hair as you tousle it with your free hands and then massage some liberal amount of pomade through your hair. Let ...
To make your straight hair curly, wash the hair with moisturising shampoo and use a moisturising deep conditioner to help the hair hold its style. Then rub curl-enhancing ...
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