Spiral Curls with Flat Iron?


Spiral curling your hair can work very well with a little practice. All you have to do is grab a 1 inch piece of hair and put in in your flat iron starting at the tips of the hair and have the hair in the iron closest to your hand. Curl it with the flat iron like you would with a curling iron but instead of curling it around over the same spot, you would start from the bottom of the iron and curl in around to the tip of the iron holding the iron vertical instead of horizontal.
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1. Shampoo, condition and blow dry your hair as you normally would. 2. Untangle your hair with a brush, as curling does not work well on knotted hair. 3. Part your hair either to
search it on YouTube there's a bunch of good videos.
You can't make a spiral curl with a flat iron. Those are for
1. Comb your hair out. Remove any tangles or messed-up hair. Add any hair-styling products that you consider appropriate for keeping curls in place for your hair type, such as a spritz
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How to Spiral Curl Hair With a Flat Iron
Many women will buy several hair styling tools, such as a straightener, curling iron and rollers, in order to be able to create different looks. However, investing in both a flat iron and curling tools is not necessary because the flat iron can be used... More »
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