How do you prune a spiral Alberta spruce?


The Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce needs to be pruned yearly in order to maintain its shape while still being manageable. To prune this tree, take a pair of gardening sheers and cut off new growths on a yearly basis, making sure to trim the tree back to its original form. How much you prune will depend on how tight of a spiral you want your tree to form. However, you should be careful to not cut off too much from the tree.
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1. Prune your spiral Alberta spruce in late winter or early spring. You can perform a secondary, less invasive pruning at the end of summer. Do not prune in the fall, as it will encourage
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Care of Spiral-Cut Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Dwarf Alberta spruces (Picea glauca "Conica") mature to a 10- to 12-foot height and 3- to 5-foot basal circumference. The tough, elegant conifers handle temperatures approaching minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Their narrow, conical form and dense, fine... More »
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