What are some ideas for Spirit Week?


Spirit Week celebrations can be a great way to get students unified as a team and enthusiastic about school spirit. Spirit Week can be celebrated with daily events, competitions, and themed dress-up days.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • For dress-up days, let your imagination go wild! Pick the funniest and wackiest themes you can think of, such as 'Favorite Internet Meme' or 'Worst ‘80s Sweaters.'
  • Fun events can include a school-wide carnival, with groups of students building their own carnival games, themed movie nights.
  • To have some fun with a competitive edge, try a karaoke contest (with awards for worst as well as best performance), pizza or pie eating contest, or a sumo suit wrestling competition.

Spirit Week is all about bringing groups of students together, so try to encourage activities that require teamwork, full participation, and enthusiasm. Rewarding students at the end of the week with a party or dance can also help end the experience on a high note.
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School Spirit Week Ideas
Setting aside time to celebrate school spirit is a good way to boost morale and build camaraderie between students and teachers. School spirit weeks can be observed at any grade level. The important thing is to plan for the event and to clearly... More »
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