How to Remodel My Split Entry?


Expand the front entry and create a more specialized porch, make sure to add windows which will bring the much needed light to the dark and confined floor plan. Open the floor plan by adjoining the kitchen to the living room and dining to create a more open design. Finally create the master suite by removing the wall between the two bedrooms while leaving small paths to the bathroom and toilet.
Q&A Related to "How to Remodel My Split Entry?"
1. Expand the front entry and create a more distinct porch. Whether you have a classic split-level or a split-entry, one of the most common complaints among split-level owners is
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Designing a split entry with an open floor plan is a challenge for interior decorators and designers. The space in the foyer will become dominated by two staircases—one leading
Sell this house and buy another one with all bedrooms on the main level. Another option is to put all the children in the master bedroom, and the adults in the adjoining small bedroom
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