How can I remodel my split entry?


There are many ways to redesign a split-entry home into a home that has a single entry, if that is the desire. A number of things must be considered when remodeling a split-entry home, including renovation costs, curb appeal and number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired, among others.

One way to redesign a split-entry home into a single-entry home is to remodel the entry area to make it more inviting, welcoming and functional. In a traditional split-entry home, the entry leads up and down to distinct areas of the home, but in a remodel that adds a mud room, a closet and a canopy, the new entry area now becomes a defining characteristic of the home, adds to the curb appeal, limits renovation costs and provides a common area for items like coats, shoes and keys. Another way to redesign a split-entry home is to completely move the entrance to the top half of the home, using a porch with stairs. In this renovation, the new entry point is likely an upstairs living room, and the old entry can be modified to include one staircase down to the lower level, which creates space for windows and additional space for both upper and lower-level rooms.

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