What is the typical price for a split rail fence?


The basic price of split rail fence cost between $1092-$1265. There is also the installation fee which is between $543- $789 therefore the total cost will be between $1635- $2045 and the total average cost per linear foot is $12.30.
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To determine how many fence sections you'll need, divide the total perimeter of the area you're fencing, in linear feet, by the length of split rails you're planning to use. Typical
A split rail fence is ideal if you need to fence in your property to protect your animals or crops. It is an easy to build fence and you can follow the easy to follow steps to completion
depending on season/material, i'd say $3-5 per LF for 2 rail cedar fencing.
1. Drive stakes into the ground using a mallet where you want the stacked fence to begin, where you want the fence to end and at any corners. Connect the stakes using twine so that
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Make sure that you discuss your fencing plans with your neighbors so they understand that the fence will end on their property. Get some wood get some nails and ...
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