How to Repair a Split Tree?


If the tree has the split on just one of its branches, the tree will just grow a new branch to replace it. However, if the split occurred on its trunk, the tree might die depending on the severity of the damage. Sometimes, a splint can help to repair a split tree if the damage is just mild.
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1. ASSESS SPLIT - Is there enough bark on each side of the split? If not, then the side with little or no bark will eventually die, since the part directly under the bark is what
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Split tree repair has been carried over the years so as to prolong the life of the tree. A split tree has immense problems which prevent it from growing normally. A split tree can be saved by using the appropriate repair techniques. To repair a split tree you must first identify the type of tree because there are different methods of repair. Some trees may require different techniques of repairs which do not work well with other trees. The extent of the damage will give you a better perspective on how to repair a split tree.
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