How to Make a Thread Spool Loom?


Spools of thread are items used to hold threads when knitting or sewing. You can make a thread spool loom by making one end of the spool on a wooden stick. Make sure the stick is protruding on all ends.
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Take your 5/8" particle board and cut it out the shape that best fits your sewing table. This little one with room for three stools is perfect for my table. Drill a 1/2"
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Thread Spool holder & organizer helps to store and display the sewing thread in a fantastic patterns. This is useful even when the thread is not being used.To ...
I think the textbook, but depends what subject of course. Thread can weigh 1kg, but if you have a big roll, only 40km of thread can weigh 1kg. A bed does not ...
1. Mark one end of the wooden spool with four dots equidistant apart in a square pattern. Center the hole in the spool in the middle of the dots. 2. Hammer a size ...
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