Spotting 2 Weeks before Period Is Due?


There are many causes of spotting a week before you are due for your period such as ovulation and birth control. Pregnancy may also be another cause.
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Sometimes spotting during the middle of your menstrual cycle is due to ovulation. Since ovulation is the physical rupture of a follicle on your ovary bleeding can occur. The fresh
After your period, your uterine lining thickens to provide nutrients for a fertilized egg that may eventually grow into a baby. If the egg that is released mid-month is unfertilized
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your period isn't always on time. a lot of things can delay it such as stress weight loss/gain. but your probably about to start your period. blood turns brown once oxygen hits it
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Spotting before a menstrual period is due is not normal. This spotting can have various different causes. The list of causes can include sexually transmitted diseases ...
You can get pregnant a week before your period is due. Pregnancy is dependent on sexual intercourse and the time of ovulation. If you had unprotected sex and was ...
Bleeding two weeks before your period is due is actually quite normal. During this time in your cycle, you are usually ovulating. Ovulation is when your body releases ...
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