Spotting 5 Days after Period?


There are several possible causes for spotting 5 days after a period. Some possible causes of spotting are implantation bleeding, uterine fibroids and STD's. Many women who use birth control experience spotting before and after periods as well.
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There are several reasons why you can spot after your period is over, such as a hormonal inbalance, or an ifection, if this continues contact your doctor for medical advise.
It could me you are possibly pregnant but just to be sure take a test a test is always the answer. If you dont want to be prego then you should always use some type of protection,
Many women find it difficult to know when to try to get pregnant. Timing everything perfectly can be frustrating and discouraging. It is even more discouraging to have a period when
It's possible this could be implanation bleeding, so possible pregnancy? Or maybe your period got jump started again. I had this happen to be before. I was finished my period, and
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Spotting after periods is a thing that one cannot really tell the cause and so the gynecologist should be consulted. The normal menstrual bleeding is supposed ...
A woman that is still spotting after her period may be normal. Sometimes, this can happen until the whole period process is complete. There also may be some issues ...
There are different instances that make a woman spot after getting the menstruation, like the ovulation, or implantation. It would be an early sign of a pregnancy ...
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