What is a Sprint MSL code?


The Master Subsidy Lock, or MSL, is a code used on most Sprint phones and tablets. The code restricts devices from being used on other providers’ networks.

Being able to use the MSL code to unlock a device is useful when transferring the device to a new network or selling the phone to someone who may use a different service provider.

Sprint provides MSL codes for devices under the condition that the person requesting the code is a current or former Sprint customer and provided that several other circumstances are met. The Sprint account associated with the device must be in good standing with payments made current, a fulfilled service agreement, no write-off balances and no collection balances. Also, the device must not be reported lost or stolen.

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1. Remove the battery from your phone to gather and write down your ESN. The ESN will be located in the battery cavity and will be a mix of letters and numbers in hexcode. Make sure
you can only get the msl code by knowing the esn number.
You have to call Sprint to get the MSL code. They can be
Sprint is not allowed to give out this information. Trust them when they tell you you don't need it!
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How to Get an MSL Code From Sprint
Changing phone companies can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Most companies, including Sprint find it in their best interest to keep you and their exclusive phones on their network. In order to activate a Sprint phone on a different network you... More »
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