How do you avoid an early termination fee with Sprint?


Sprint's Satisfaction Guarantee states that consumers can return devices within 14 days of purchase of a plan and device. Sprint Prepaid plans are not subject to early termination fees. Alternatively, one can switch to a carrier that pays the former carrier's early termination fees.

As of 2014, Sprint's website that users who have signed a one- or two-year service agreement and choose to terminate the agreement early are subject to early termination fees of up to $350 per line on an advanced device and $200 per line on a standard device. Sprint users who return their devices and cancel their service agreements within 14 days of activation avoid paying fees if their returns are complete and undamaged; users who return iPhones must wipe their phones prior to returning them.

Another option for consumers who have had contracts for more than 14 days is to switch to a company like T-Mobile that offers to pay the early termination fees from the previous provider. However, consumers who switch to T-Mobile typically must give the mobile phone or tablet associated with the previous carrier to T-Mobile and purchase a new T-Mobile device in order for the new carrier to pay the early termination fees.

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1. Discontinue your Sprint service within the first 30 days of your billing cycle. Sprint allows people to try their services and then cancel services or exchange their phone within
The early termination fee for Sprint can be as high as
You have to pay 200 bucks if you cancel your two year contract before the two years are up. Source(s) Sprint customer.
It means if you don't keep the account active and current for the two-year contract, the company will charge you $200.00.
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