How do you activate a Sprint phone that is still under contract?


'Sprint phones no contract' are the phones that have no contract deals. You can activate one by opening the phone packaging to install the battery and then press on the power button. Log in to the Sprint activation website, you enter the phone number on the Sprint account and enter to start the search. The final step should be to confirm the activation by making a call.
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1. Call Sprint customer service or visit your local Sprint retail store. You can find the customer-service number on your cell-phone bill. 2. Ask the Sprint representative if you
When choosing the Simply Everything option, there are many phones you can get. This plan is $109.99 a month. Apple, LG, and Samsung are among the variety of phone makes you can get
The new sprint phones are coming out the start of next year 2010. I love using sprint, their phone system is great and their signals are always great.
Sprint isnt a local carrier where i live, however. The no contract plans could be like pre paid. Where you bring your own phone, they give you a sim card and you pay as you go. When
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SprintNextel is a telecommunications company that offers both contract and no contract phones. The no contract phones that are offered by Sprint are pay as you go phones. They call it their Sprint As You Go program. You choose a phone to purchase and then you add minutes as you need them. They have several different packages available with monthly charges ranging from $50 to $149 dollars per month. Phones available will vary from time to time.
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To contact the Sprint Customer Service, you can dial their phone number 1-888-211-4727. You can also email them your concerns. Sprint customer service can also ...
Sprint is a cellular service provider. Customers can contact customer service by dialing star 2 from their cell phone. They can also dial 888-211-4727 to talk ...
To send a free Sprint text message, simply access your phone or wireless device. Before sending the text, however, check with Sprint to find out how many free ...
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