How Hard Can You Squeeze Your Testicles?


You can squeeze your testicles as hard as you want to. However, this can cause damage, and will cause pain. You shouldn't do this if you do not want to cause yourself possible problems.
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Why would you want to squeeze your testecles thta hard anyway?
well in case you were wondering - dermatology is study of skin conditions & diseases. in any case, please do make sure you are visiting the right doctor.good luck! PS: couldn't
ChaCha did not find a definitive
today i was examined by 2 family doctors the first one checked my testicles and told me i dont feel that your testicle is hard and he told me your testicle is normal and he told me
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If someone was to have grabbed a boy by his nuts, which are called testicles, and squeezed as hard as you can, he would be in a great deal of pain. The pain would ...
Ball busting is any form of torture applied on the testicles usually by squeezing or tight binding. It can also be defined as the kicking or beating of the male ...
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