How to Kill a Squirrel?


There are multiple ways to kill a squirrel. You can set out poisoned food in areas that they gather/eat. You can shoot the squirrel with a gun. You can have pest removal capture the squirrel and kill it.
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If it's a pellet gun them most pellet guns are capable of killing a squirrel. Check the FPS (Feet per Second) and if it's over 400 FPS that should be sufficient. Expect to pay $60
Things You'll Need. Pellets. Camouflaged clothing. Squirrel call. Binoculars. Instructions. Choose "hunting" or "small game" pellets for squirrel hunting as these
For under $120 you're kinda limited in your choices. Cabella's may have some Gamo Big-Cats for under $120. They'd be a good choice. The Crosman Phantom/Quest/Storm rifles should be
A pellet gun can kill a squirrel, but there is no specific feet per
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