Stable Buck?


As 'stable buck' is a derogatory term, most notably used in the book Of Mice and Men (author John Steinbeck), to describe the character Crooks. Buck in general represents a black male. Stable buck refers to a man who works and sleeps in a stable.
Q&A Related to "Stable Buck?"
A stable buck helps with the everyday duties of maintaining a stable and the horses. The
IWe all know what a stable is. stable (n. a stable is a building where horses are kept. 'A buck, in this case, is a derogatory word for a black man. A staple buck, then, would be
Crooks, the stable buck, is introduced in Chapter 2 when George and Lennie are being shown around the bunk house by the old man referred to later as "the old swamper." We
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