Stable Elements?


There are some elements that are referred to as stable elements. A stable element is one that is not radioactive. It is made stable by having a full outer shell of electrons of 2 then 8.
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A stable element is any non-radioactive element. All elements before element atomic number 84 (not including 84) - Polonium (Po) are stable elements.
80 elements. Z=1 to 82, except 43 and 61. Embed Quote
Chemistry question: an element is stable when it has a
An element is stable when its outside shell is full, or when it has 8 electrons. In Iron its outside shell is full.
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Helium is the most stable element in the universe. It has an atomic number of 2 and heads the noble gas group on the periodic table. Out of the eight known isotopes ...
Iron is one of the most stable elements list on the periodic table of elements. The most stable group is the Noble gases. ...
Having an outer shell of electrons and the same number of protons and electron will make an element stable. The electrons on the outer shell would add up to 8. ...
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