Are stamps worth anything?


There are many stamps that are worth quite a bit. The determining factors that decide if stamps are worth anything include the rarity, condition, and age of the stamps. Some of the most rare stamps can be worth thousands and even millions of dollars. For example, the two penny blue stamp was first created in 1840 and went at auction for almost $4 million dollars. Another rare stamp is the one penny black stamp. Unused, it has an estimated market value of $3,000.
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Cancellation refers to the postal markings printed on stamps after they are mailed. Stamps with these marks on them are known as "cancelled" or "used" stamps.
Stamps can be worth many different amounts, depending on the type of stamp and it's current condition. There is no one set monetary worth for all stamps.
1. Purchase a stamp value catalog. There are also numerous online catalogs specializing in various categories, such as country of origin or time period, that can be accessed free
Hi Richard, Thanks for your question. Gold replica stamps were issued by private companies in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of stamp collecting. Gold replica stamps were
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