Standard Distance between Telephone Poles?


The distance between telephone poles does vary depending on the terrain. However, there is some standardisation. Bell Telephones usually keeps their poles 75' apart when they run along city streets. Poles in backyards are generally spaced to be in every second yard, and rural lines generally average 75-100' apart. Poles running along railroads are usually spaced 1/10 mile apart.
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Bell Telephone Common Practices. City telephone poles: 75 ft on street 40' poles 6' in. ground. Tel cable 18' off ground additional 40 inch. minimum clearance to electric lines. Rear
50 Ft.
the distance according to GTE is 100
It really depends on the terrain where they are located. Typically, however, telephone poles are situated about 125 ft (38 meters) apart. report this answer. Updated on Thursday,
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