Standard Height of a Closet Rod?


The standard height for a closet rod is 12 inches. The height of most closet rods are 60 to 65 inches from the floor. This allows one to hang many types of clothes, even dresses.
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In a standard 22-24" deep closet its 12" from back and 65-68" from the floor. For a double closet rod, top rod 75-80" bottom rod 36-40" from floor.
The standard height for a coat closet rod is approximately 66 inches from the floor. This is the estimated eye-level height of the average adult. Donna Smallin, author of "Organizing
Standard height is 7 ft for a top shelf,based on ceiling height
The standard hanging height for a traditional closet rod is approximately 65 inches to accommodate longer items such as dresses and dress coats. If a shelf is installed, it should
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Closet Rod Height Standards
Modern custom closet systems provide many more organizational options than the standard closet with a rod and a shelf. In spite of the many configuration options available, certain measurement standards--such as the height of the rod--remain.... More »
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A standard height of a closet rod for a standard sized closet is normally between 22 and 24 inches wide. The rod should sit 12 inches from the back wall. The rod ...
A coat closet rod can be placed at any height that suits its purpose. Most people, however, leave the rod at the height that it was originally installed. The ...
According to Do It Yourself, there is no standard height for hanging a shower curtain rod. The hanging height depends on factors that include the length of the ...
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