How Do I Return a Stanley Thermos for Replacement?


There are different policies for returning a thermos to Stanley for replacement. The 30 day Internet purchase policy covers returns that have an approved RMA, all parts and manuals, etc, and the customer must pay for shipping.
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I was told ,if you call the company at 1-800-251-4535 and give them the number on the bottom of the thermos they would send you a brand new thermos free. i am going to try since I
how do I get my stanley thermos replace since they boast of lifetime warranty? I bought won at Target for $20 bucks. It worked great keeping my coffee hot. But all of sudden it no
The vast majority of requests for Thermos replacement parts are for stoppers. Therefore we try to offer replacement stoppers for the current range of Thermos Flasks and as many as
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Thermos cooler replacement parts can be made on their website or at local retailers. Thermos is the leading manufacturer in the world of insulated beverage and ...
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