What is the value for a Hamilton Collection Star Trek plate 4636g by Todd Treadway called Captain's Tribute?


Star Trek Collector Plates Hamilton refers to the vintage plates that are associated with this science fiction. The value for Hamilton collection Star Trek plate 4636g by Todd Treadway named captain's tribute is approximated to be £30.86, which may vary depending on its mint condition.
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anywhere from $5 to $40 bucks. Quality maters. They made a lot of those.
The 1991 "Star Trek 25th Anniversary
Email me and let me know how much you want for them. My sons collect Star Trek stuff and they might be interested. They are all grown and are more into Star Trek than they were when
Ebay, Craigslist or a Star Trek Forum probably would be the best places to sell your Star Trek plates for max profit.
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