Where can you find LEGO Star Wars building instructions?


Star Wars has put out several different LEGO sets. They include LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon, LEGO Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter, LEGO Star Wars Death Star, LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition Hoth Echo Base, and LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth. The instructions for each of these LEGO Star Wars building sets can be found at Brick Instructions. Simply find the set you need directions for and click on the thumbnail photo shown to view and print them out.
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1. Locate one of the square pegs that have the circular opening on the side. Attach one of the black legs to the left side of the peg by pushing the short piece of the leg into the
Building instructions for LEGO Star Wars set can be downloaded from the Building Instructions area of the LEGO Customer Service website. Just enter the words Slave I into the "
1 Play through story mode. Story mode is essentially a series of rooms through which you must advance. Some rooms include some sort of puzzle that must be worked out in order to enter
If you purchased the set and have the set number you can contact the Lego company to see if they will send you a replacement copy of the instructions. If they can't send you one,
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Lego Star Wars Building Instructions
Lego has long been one of the most popular toys for boys. This is partially due to being able to create the products designed by the Lego engineers, but also because your imagination can run free and you can design just about anything you want. Combine... More »
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