What is StarKist tuna?


StarKist is a company that is a leader in producing tuna products. StarKist Tuna is known for being sold in cans but the company was the first to introduce tuna available in foil pouches. StarKist claims that their tuna is dolphin safe and they follow a dolphin safe policy when catching their tuna. They are best known for their charismatic bran icon named Charlie the Tuna, a trademarked name for their mascot. He was introduced in 1961 and is still a fan favorite.
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The Starkist tuna company has a plant located at 368 Route 1 in Pago Pago,
American Samoa.
It is already cooked. If using it for a salad just mix ingredients and put it in a sandwich or on a salad. If using it in a cooked dish like a casserole just add it and it will be
Q. What is the shelf-life of StarKist® canned tuna and flavor fresh pouches? A. All unopened StarKist® products have a recommended shelf life of up to three years, provided
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