How to Start a Lawnmower?


First, be sure you have gas in the tank. Then, look for a small rubber button on the side of the engine, push this 4 times. Now, make sure that you have pushed the throttle to choke, and pull.
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1. Release the blade control and drive clutch levers to prevent the blades from turning and the mower from rolling when starting the engine. 2. Move the throttle lever to the choke
If it's a mix-in-tank two-stroke and it has stood all winter the oil will have settled in the bottom of the tank, been drawn into the carb and fouled the plug. Give the tank a good
Locate the prime button, usually red or black, a squishy button somewhere on the
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Usually, starting a lawnmower is a simple as pulling the cord. However, there are a few things to do first. Make sure you have gas in the mower, this will certainly ...
you start a lawmmower by first making sure it has gas and oil in it. Some mowers have a primer ball on the side of the engine, push that 5-7 times, it will make ...
1. Check the oil level on your Craftsman push lawn mower. The oil cap is located on the top of the engine and is black in color. Untwist the cap and remove it ...
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