Starting Salary for Wal Mart Employees?


The starting salary for a Walmart employee will depend on what position they hold at a particular store and the location of the store. Most cashiers or sales associates earn minimum wage or about $8.50 an hour working at Walmart. The salaries begin to go up slightly for management positions such as department managers, customer service managers, inventory control specialists, and electronic sales associates. A manager will only make slightly more starting at around $10.33 per hour.
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Walmart was started by a man named Sam Walton. On May 9, 1950, Walton opened "Walton's 5 & 10" in Bentonville Arkansas. This store still exists there today, as does
Minimum and part time for most of them.
Wal-Mart pays full-time employees an average of $10.11 an
80,000 yearly with about $10,000 sign up bonus for fresh beginners from college. Experienced pharmacists get between$125,000-150,000 yearly and they make more than $200,000 yearly
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