Startup BIOS?


BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. To open the BIOS on your computer, press either F1 or F2 when the computer starts. Through BIOS, you can make adjustment settings in the hardware of your computer.
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1. Turn on your computer. 2. Press the "Del, "Esc, "F1, "F2, or "F1O" keys to open the BIOS. 3. Use the directional arrow keys to select any setting
typical MOST BIOS start ups contain. Advance BIOS Features. Advance Chipset Features. Integrated Peripherals. Power Management Setup. then under them are more options etc.
Replace motherboard. Processor socket burnt out, contact me for further support at
You are getting the error because there is some SCSI or RAID controller in your system that has no drives attached to it. Go into the system BIOS and disable any controllers you
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1. Reboot your Vista computer. 2. Look for the BIOS message as the computer starts up. It will usually say something like "Press F2 for setup" or " ...
The four main parts of the boot process begin with the startup BIOS running the POST. Next, the startup BIOS loads the operating system. The operating system then ...
Depending on manufacturer of motherboard, BIOS setting defer. Usually using F2 or F8 or F10 BIOS menu can be accessed. It is also prompted at startup. ...
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