What Are United States Quarters Made of?


United States quarters are made of an alloy. It is 91.67-percent copper, and 8.33-percent nickel. The quarter had previously been made of silver before 1965. In 1999 a series of 50 state quarters were released by the US Mint. The last quarter in the series was released in 2008.
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US Mint's 50 State Quarters Program
Between 1999 and 2008, the US Mint released a commemorative quarter about every 10 weeks honoring each of the 50 states. The quarters were issued in the order each state entered the Union.
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The United States quarters are made of 8.33% nickel and 91.67% copper. The inner part of the quarter is pure copper and the outer part is a mix of nickel and copper.
The U.S. Mint adopted the 50 State Quarters program as a 10-year initiative that would eventually recognize all 50 of the states. George Washington is still on the face of the quarter
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I recently was shopping and received a Hawaii State Quarter that has a flaw on the back. It is an indent in the back and goes through the words of the Hawii saying on it.
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Yes, the state quarters will be valuable like any other US legal tender and more so because of their limited supply and historic value attached. The 50 state quarter ...
As of 2012, the 1999 Delaware state quarter is worth a minimum of 55 cents. A coin in mint condition can be worth up to $3.50. ...
The state quarter program in the United States began in 1999. The US minted five new state quarters per year and each quarter was unique. However, there were some ...
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