Statistics against School Uniforms?


Approximately 25 percent of people are against school uniforms. However, since many schools have enforced school uniforms conditions have improved. There has been less theft and even some violence and bullying has decreased.
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here is 1 site that lists statistics like ive copied below. ◦Overall, the crime rate dropped by 91% ◦School suspensions dropped by 90% ◦Sex offenses were reduced
Kids are sensitive to how their parents feel. In most cases, the parent's attitude about a subject will impact the child's attitude. Often, kids think that agreeing with their parents
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From a financial point of view parents might find it expensive and it can only be accessible from a few shops which pushes up the price. Children don't like it they think that it
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School uniforms safety statistics are the finding which gives the cases against and cases for school uniform. The cases against school uniforms include high cost ...
A school uniform is an mandatory outfit or a set of standardized clothes that are worn at a school or private school around the world. In the United Kingdom, uniforms ...
School uniforms have arguments where some love them and some dislike them. The most common argument against school uniforms is that they limit personal appearance ...
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