Statistics on School Uniforms?


Statistics on school uniforms in public schools show that the purchase of school uniforms is on the rise and increased 22 percent in a two year span. Schools where uniforms are required have seen a 95 percent decrease in crime, 90 percent decrease in suspensions, and vandalism on school property decreased by 69 percent. As of 2013, 21 percent of public schools have mandatory uniform rules and the states of Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois have more school uniforms in public schools than other states.
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children really don't like school uniform they would rather prefer regular clothes.
School uniforms are good because some children would become bullied if they did not wear the most up to date fashions. So with everyone wearing the same outfit everyday that type
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1. Check out a uniform company's catalog. Because of the numerous styles and fabrics available, you will most likely be able to find something that is already being manufactured instead
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In 2009 to 2010, the National Center for Education Statistics determined that 19 percent of schools worldwide required their students to wear uniforms. Another ...
How many schools have school uniforms vary from state to state. A survey shows that about 21% of all public schools have a uniform policy. You can find more information ...
School uniforms were first introduced in 16th Century England at the charity schools for poor children. Great English public schools started introducing uniforms ...
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