Stem and Leaf Plots with Decimals?


Stem and leaf plots with decimals are a valuable way to organize data. You can use a stem and leaf plot with decimals in much the same way as you do with whole numbers. You will want to create a key that makes it clear to readers that you are organizing decimals rather than whole numbers. Simply organize your numbers from least to greatest, and place the whole number portion of the number on the stem, and the decimal on the leaf.
Q&A Related to "Stem and Leaf Plots with Decimals?"
1. Draw a T-table on your paper. The left half will be the stem, and the right half will be the leaf. 2. Draw a legend that indicates that the T is the equivalent of a decimal point
You use the stem in the place of the decimals and make a key such as 4 (line) 1 = 4.1.
Use your whole numbers as the stems and choose the decimal to be
4 │ 88. 5 │ 10 50. 5 │ 53. NO ROUNDING NECESSARY, "SPLIT" STEMS (two 5's)
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