How can you be a good stepfather?


The way to be a good step dad is to spend time with the child or children. Engage in activities with them like sports and take them to the movies. Help them with homework and talk to them.
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1. Avoid allowing distance to set in between you and your daughter at the onset of puberty. Dads might feel confused or uncomfortable about relating to a daughter as she hits adolescence
1 Treat them like they're your own. No child likes to be disrespected! Let alone a stepchild. They may act like you're unwelcome, but that may be because they assume you think that
why does my dad not want to see me is it because i am a girl. I doubt very much your Dad really doesn't want to see you, and being a girl should have nothing to do with it. Express
Since she is a step-daughter she is not related to you in any way. If she were a blood daughter, she would be a second cousin.
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