How do I write a poem for my daughter?


The quality of the poem you produce is in direct relation to how much thought, time and effort you put into writing the poem. Another factor to consider is how much of a natural aptitude you have for writing poetry, but everyone can write something nice if they try.

  1. Choose a topic and structure

    If the poem is for a special occasion, such as her birthday or graduation, stick to those topics. If there's no occasion, then you simply need to write your feelings for her. You also may want a specific structure. For instance, ask yourself if you want the poem to rhyme. Some traditional forms to choose from include haiku, sonnet, sestina and free verse poems. These are stylistic preferences and completely up to you. The style you choose may have an influence on the tone of the poem.

  2. Brainstorm ideas

    Jot down a few ideas. Brainstorming is all about getting ideas onto paper, so don't write anything off as silly or unusable. Identify the feelings that you have and want to convey to your daughter. If there is a theme, like a special occasion, then keep this theme in mind as you write. This is the step where you need to think clearly about what feelings, images or memories you wish to convey in the poem.

  3. Begin writing

    Use the brainstorming notes to form lines to your poem. Shape your ideas into lines that are attractive to read or hear and convey whatever feelings you desire to show. Arrange the lines so that they make sense and have a proper flow. Format the lines into your chosen structure. It is best to wait some time after finishing the writing to read what you have written, as some mistakes only become apparent after a first draft is finished. Practice reading the poem out loud to catch potential mistakes.

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