What Is a Step up Transformer?


A step up transform increased input voltage in a circuit. A transformer is a simple passive device created from wound coils of wire on two separate circuits. Constructing it with fewer wire coils on the output as compared to the input, the output voltage is increased proportionately.
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An AC voltage at the first coil creates a magnetic field inside of it, causing a current in the second coil. The induced current causes the second coil to have a changing magnetic
A step-up transformer increases (or "steps up" the voltage of an alternating electrical current. For example, a step-up transformer could be used to increase 120V AC to
Simply apply a step up transformer. Transformers can step down, isolate (1:1) or step up AC voltages. The basic relation for the secondary voltage is set by the transformer's turns
( ′step¦əp tranz′för·mər ) (electricity) Transformer in which the energy transfer is from a low-voltage winding to a high-voltage winding
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