Stephanotis Vine Care for?


Stephanotis floribunda is an evergreen twining vine originally from Madagascar, loved for its intensely fragrant white flowers that are traditionally used in wedding bouquets. Caring for stephanotis requires putting the plant in a brightly lit area but not in direct sunlight and then watering once a week during the growing season. Through the spring and summer, prune the plant to encourage flowering and never move the pot when the plant is blooming because flowers and buds drop easily and you can fertilize the plant during the growing season
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1. Put the plant in a brightly lit area but not in direct sunlight. A bright north window is perfect. 2. Water once a week during the growing season (March to September) and less
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Greetings, Abhishek - I am not familiar with the growing conditions in your country, but I do know that high humidity and monsoon are not favorable to growing grapevines. That said
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