Steps in Making an Investigatory Project..?


The first step in how to make an investigatory project is making the abstract. Once done you can then proceed to making the actual research paper. This is composed of making the statement of the problem, general objectives, specific objectives, methodology, equipment,s and the procedures and the results.
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1. identify area of investigation. a topic. 3.define research problem and objectives. 4.formulate research hypothesis. and conduct experiments9if necessary) 6.start
1. Find a topic that interests you - not your parents or your teacher. If you are not interested in bugs, you will have a hard time making an investigatory project investigating bugs
WHat exactly do you want to investigate?
Hello Name Withheld ; An investigatory project is also called an experimental project. In this type of project you , construct a hypothesis, test your hypothesis using an experiment
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Investigatory project proposal is the first step in the investigatory project. In the first part of the proposal you will write out you scientific problem and ...
An investigatory project is usually an activity undertaken in school in to study a particular topic. Most investigatory projects involve the use of the scientific ...
Investigatory projects that are related in physics or are related to physics are basically science projects for the physics classroom. These types of projects ...
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