What is a steroid shot?


Steroid shots are injections of cortisone into the body that ease pain and relieve inflammation. Cortisone is a synthetic drug resembling a natural hormone made by the adrenal glands called cortisol. Corticosteroids act to suppress the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Medical personnel use steroid shots to treat a number of conditions, including arthritis, tendinitis, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff injuries. Doctors try not to give these injections too frequently in order to mitigate the risks of steroids, such as bone or nerve damage. Relief often does not come immediately, but generally occurs after 48 hours and allows patients to move normally.

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Short-term complications of a cortisone steroid shot are uncommon but include
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Steroids are drugs that help reduce inflammation in the body. To guarantee delivery of the steroid to a certain area, it can be injected through a steroid shot ...
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